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Automate Email Attachment Processing with Power Query

Author: CA Subachandran M

Tools Used

- Excel / Power BI - Power Query

- Data Geniee

Use Case Video -

What we receive in email; why its important

  1. All ERP reports right from Tally to SAP to CRM daily emails received For Example- GRIR data for month.
  2. Payment Advice from bank in PDF.
  3. For Audit client data from Tally or ERP directly which helps on ensuring data integrity; one time work and automated for life.
  4. Customer or Vendor or consultant team who send standard reports; BRC report.

Process to Follow Use Case

Access Mailbox - Securely connect Power Query to your Outlook account.

Fetch Emails - Extract email data, including attachments, using Power Query.

Filter Attachments - Identify and isolate the relevant email attachments.

Open Power Query Excel

Connect to Outlook

Paste the following in to formula bar = Exchange.Contents(“your email id")

Connect to Outlook

Click sign using Microsoft account, Generally your email is already signed in your system or in MSOffice.